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TiTC: Wilck and Fischer race, support and do Serpent Master Class (18/02/2016)


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Eryx 4wd TC 1/10 4.0 carbon chassis 2.25

Top Serpent drivers Marc Fischer and Viktor Wilck arrived to the Thailand rc addict track in Bangkok to race and support the Serpent drivers at the famous T-ITC race .

Feel free to walk over to their pit area and get support to turn even faster laptimes !

Both Serpent drivers run mainly on carpet tracks in Europe, but also the ETS and the EC is raced partially on asphalt as well.

Serpent Master Class

Viktor and Marc are available to do a Serpent Master Class, to teach you the tips and tricks on how to make your Serpent Eryx TC car go even faster !

We will gather the interest and Serpent drivers during the TiTC week and decide a time and location.

Best of luck to all Serpent drivers present !