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Serpent Viper 977 in 2016 season: 1/8 scale onroad (29/02/2016)


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Viper 977 EVO-35th Anniversary Edition

Serpent released the Viper 977-EVO in 2015 and the performance of drivers with our car has been excellent.

Drivers around the world have been asking us if the Viper 977-EVo will remain the same and we can answer this with a  big yes, the Viper 977-EVO will continue as it is, for another successful year !

For drivers planning to use the Picco otto .21 engine with the lower carb, we will release a new version flex-top plate, to allow enough space for the carb / linkage. #903654

Promopage:  http://promo.serpent.com/977evo/

Also the class-leading Serpent Viper 977-e, which has shown the way for 1/8 scale EP powered 1/8 scale racing,  will continue selling in the same way as past 2 years !

A very successful and performant package. Many suspensions parts are shared with its GP version, so super combo to own and race both !

Promopage:  http://promo.serpent.com/977e/

Team Serpent