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New: Optional for Eryx 4.0 Bigbore pistons in new low friction material (02/03/2016)


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Shock onroad big bore piston 2 hole LF (4)

Serpent introduces for the Eryx 4.0 1/10 EP touringcar these new type machined optional pistons and shock bushing, made from a new low friction type material ( yellow/orange color).

The machining will ensure perfect outer roundness, size and size of holes. The piston sell per 4 pcs in a bag in 4 different versions.

The piston and bushing are made for the latest Bigbore shocks of the Eryx 4.0.

160147  Shock onroad big bore bushing LF (4)
160148  Shock onroad big bore piston 1 hole LF (4)
160149  Shock onroad big bore piston 2 hole LF (4)
160150  Shock onroad big bore piston 3 hole LF (4)
160151  Shock onroad big bore piston 4 hole LF (4)