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Optionals for Natrix 748: shocks and shocktowers (18/04/2016)


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Natrix 748-e 1/10 200mm ep car

As optional for the Serpent Natrix 748  and 748 TQ  Serpent developed new shocktowers, so drivers can use the new 1/10 big bore shockabsorbers.

The front towers are 3mm thick topquality carbon fibre with multiple shock holes and a central fasteting position for the central bodymount/support. The rear shocktower is made of 3.5mm thock carbon fibre, also with multiple shockholes, holes to fix the bodymounts, holes to fasten the optional body positioners (http://serpent.com/product/804296/ ) and slots to guide a tankpuller strap through.

The 1/10 bigbore shocks are already in use on the Eryx 4.0 TC electric car.  The bigbore shocks have machined pistons, an improved seal package with new x-rings and machined spacers. A supersmooth and easy to build new shock.

Same length shocks are used front and rear.

804388  Shocktower fr 748 carbon
804389  Shocktower rr 748 carbon
160135  Shock onroad set big bore (2)