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Team: Cody King from USA joins Team Serpent Offroad (21/01/2018)


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Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

[ Serpent News ]  Cody King, USA,  joins Team Serpent offroad

Serpent is proud to announce that former World Champion Cody King has joined team Serpent offroad.

Cody will start on the Cobra 1/8 scale offroad platform with buggy, e-buggy as well as truggy and e-truggy.  In the 2nd stage he will also run the Spyder 1/10 scale range of cars in 2wd and 4wd.

All the major offroad races in the USA and abroad will be on his race calender, including Neo and the IFMAR WC. Cody will ofcourse work closey together with Serpents offroad designer Billy Easton, and with Serpent team drivers in the various parts of the world.
For SerpentAmerica  Cody will help to promote the Serpent productline in his area and do productsupport for same.

An interview with Cody as attached.

Team Serpent

Team Serpent Interview

Hello Cody ,
Its great to have you on the Serpent Team.  Below a few questions for you:

Q: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
CODY: I started racing in 2000. My first car was a Team Losi XXXT and my first 8th scale car was a GS Storm and the body was purple ๐Ÿ˜Š

Q:  Which cars will you run for Serpent
CODY; I will be racing all the 8th scale cars and also the 10th scale cars later this year.

Q: Which class is your favourite one and why ?
CODY: My favorite class is 8th scale buggy for sure. I grew up around motocross so itโ€™s the closest thing without getting hurt.

Q: Which is your local track and where is it located
CODY: My local nitro tracks are Revelation Raceway and Thunder alley Raceway. When I do run electric I will run at OCRC Raceway.

Q:  What has been your biggest result so far ?
 CODY: Biggest result was winning the 8th scale World Championship in 2010/11 in pattaya. Thailand. It was the greatest experience of my life by far.

Q; What is your age and occupation ?
CODY: I am 30 years old. My job is racing and helping the Serpent drivers on the west coast, and  promote the Serpent brand in this area.
Q; After your first few test and races with Serpent cars, what can you say about  the build, maintenance, quality and performance ?
CODY: My first impression of the Serpent cars is awesome! The quality of the parts is the best I have ever worked with. I built my first kit last week and it went together amazingly. I have been running the cars for about 2 months and I feel very comfortable with them already. The cars are so easy to work on and every day I go practice things get better and better.  

Q: Which bigger races do you  plan for coming season  ?
CODY: I plan on doing all the big races, well I would like to. The ones I will be at for sure are. Nitro Challenge, Silver State, Nationals, NeoBuggy, and Worlds. For local stuff I will be doing all the series races like JBRL, TNT, and grass roots.

Q:  When and where will be your next bigger race with Serpent  ?
CODY: The next and first big race will be The Dirt Nitro Challenge Febuary 21st-25th
Your quote: I want to say thank you to everyone at Serpent. Especially Paul Ciccarello for all his help during this process. 2018 is going to be a great year! If anyone has any questions about the Serpent cars or brand they can contact me through email Codyking@serpentamerica.com or Facebook Messenger.

Thanks for the anwers and info  and we hope to see you do well with Serpent .

Team Serpent