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Team: Ali Kaya re-joins Team Serpent with 748 (21/03/2018)


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Natrix 748-WC 1/10 200mm gp car

Turkye: Ali Kaya rejoins Team Serpent

Serpent is proud to announce that Ali Kaya is back with team Serpent , and will be racing the Natrix 748  in the 1/10 GP class.

Team Serpent Interview


Its great to have you back on the Serpent team.  Below a few questions for you:

Q: when did you start rc racing and with which car ?
A: In 2012 with Serpent 966        

Q:  Which cars you will run for Serpent
A; 748 TQ, and 748-WC as soon as its possible.

Q: where  is your local track located
A: Efmod in Izmir,Turkey

Q:  What has been your biggest national and international result so far ?
 A: 1x overall third of Turkish nats ep stock class. 1x overall second of Turkish nats 1/8 class.1x overall third, 1x overall second of Turkish nats 1/10 class and i won 2015 Efra B superpole, during the main final my engine damaged and i was tenth

Q; What is your age and occupation ?
A: 17, Student

Q: Which races do you  plan for coming season  ?
A: Maybe 1 ens race and all turkish nats races

Q:  When and where will be your next race with Serpent  ?
A: 21-22 April, in my local track efmod

Your quote: I am so happy to re-join the team.  I have a very good feeling for this season.

Thanks for the answers and we hope to see you do well with Serpent .

Team Serpent