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TQ and win at Procircuit race in Sweden (19/06/2018)


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Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

Pontus Larsson winning setup in this weekends race.

TQ and win at Procircuit race in Sweden.


Team Serpent Sweden did a super good team effort @the Procircuit challenge race.fast opponents and a challenging track couldn't stop us!
5 Serpents in the main final is amazing!👍
Pontus Larsson was on fire 🔥 and won 3 laps ahead of fast home track driver Fredrik !
3 place Mikael Svensson did an awesome job and out qualifyed everyone except Pontus!
5 place Dan Carlsson finally get the result he deserved!
7 place Klas Bredberg
8 place Per Carlsson after some bad luck with clutch bearings att the end cost a spot!
5 cars top 8 at this high level event is amazing!
Pontus won the junior race and
2 guys on the podium in the 40+ final

Thanks to our sponsors

Regards Pontus and Jonas Larsson from Sweden

Setup is online: http://www.serpent.com/file.php?FileID=7063