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Race report Mikael Fransson Swedish cup race 1 Vxj (26/06/2018)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

Swedish cup #1 Vxj 2018-09/10

The first race of the swedish cup series 2018 was held in Vxj. Actually it was supposed to be the
second round but the first race in Eskilstuna was cancelled due to a low number of participants.
At the race in Vxj however a good number of racers turned up. 45 participants in total in three
different categories decided to particpate and in the 1/8 class it was 26 drivers. Among these it was
four drivers from Denmark that made the trip to Sweden.
The weather was extremely hot during whole weekend and lap times where not as fast as previous
In qualifying it was Mikael Fransson taking the TQ after 4 rounds with his Serpent 988. Superpole
was decided between Oliver Olsson, Alexander Andersson, Per-Ola Hrd and Stefan Andersson.
After a close battle it was Alexander who took the second and final direct place in the final.
The pace in the semi finals where really strong and a very tough and close final was awaited.
Several young and talented drivers showed great speed which is very fun, exiting and promising for
the 1/8 class in Sweden.
In the final it was Mikael who took the early lead and actually held it to the end without any major
incidents or problems. Behind Mikael it was a close battle between a number of drivers where
Oliver evetually finished second in front of Dennis Jnsson. Both Oliver and Dennis drove a strong
race and took a very deserved place on the podium.
Final top 3
1- Mikael Fransson, Serpent 988
2- Oliver Olsson
3- Dennis Jnsson, Serpent 988
Full results can be found on Myrcm.

I want to say thank you to Serpent and NettoRC for great support.
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Setup is also online: http://www.serpent.com/file.php?FileID=7068