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Gunther van Staey takes second place at the Belgium Nationals (09/07/2018)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

During the qualifications on Sunday, John Ermen put down the first TQ by not refueling.
Robin D'hondt the second time and myself on three. with six seconds behind Robin by a mistake. The second Q. I improved my time with 6 sec. and came on 1 sec. Robin and John were not feasible due to the loss of the refueling.
Except John, there was no one who made the five minutes. Also John not in Q 2 and 3. In q. 3 times were not improved.

At the start of the finals everything went smoothly and John, Robin and I could easily make the difference with the rest. The places were changed regularly, first John, then Robin came head first, than me.

At 4 minutes 10when we want to refuel the engine started to go lean just before entering pit and then we decide to refuel at 3.50 to make sure we don't run out of fuel.

Also the tire wear was very high and after 12 minutes we made a tyre change. After the tyre change I was 3 behind Robin and John who did not change yet.

After the tire change of John I was on two seconds, but the extra refueling and the worn out  tires i couldn't push, and so I finished one lap behind John in second place.

My car and engine where great and looking forward to the next race!
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RC Car Colours

Till next time
Gunter van Staey