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ENS Rd3 Aigen Report Merlin Depta (14/07/2018)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

Third place at the ENS in Aigen!

We arrived Wednesday evening in wonderful Austria in Aigen-Schlägl. When we got up on Thurday we had a day of beautiful weather and a well prepared track to race oon. Arriving with the setup from Ettlingen in practice I stayed within the Top5-Top8 and tried different things on my 988 Viper such as green springs in the front and several Blitz body positions.

The rain on Friday gave me some time to prepare my car properly for the rest of the weekend so that I finally qualified in P5 for the A-main.

In the beginning of the 45min final I slightly touched Robert in the very first lap what caused me with my front of the car facing to the back. So I started to work my way back to the front of the field from P12. Being one of the few to drive five minutes stints I was on the limit concerning fuel consumption. It was a gamble to be fast enough but not to need too much fuel until the next pit stop.

Dominic told me after every stint how much fuel had been left inside and if I should push a little bit more or less till the next pit stop. The tire change was pretty solid with Thomas Günsel and Dominic changing all four tires after the 20 minute mark. For the last two fuel stops I came out in front of Lars Hoppe and finally crossed the finish line in 3rd position.

My car was super strong over the whole weekend, we enjoyed a nice evening with the #beefboys, the Serpent and Swiss team and Kosta! Thanks to Thomas for coming into the pits as my mechanic over the whole weekend. Highly appreciated! Of course Dominic for the amazing pit stops in the final. This is team work!

I’m leaving now for EFRA EC-A in Cassino and will meet Michael, Jill, Dominic and his mechanic Marco to head down to bella Italia in our Serpent bus. Looking forward to see everybody again!

See you on the track
Team Serpent

Setup is also online: http://www.serpent.com/file.php?FileID=7071