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Joaquin De Soto jr takes the win at the 2018 Sanwa Grand Prix 1/8th Open (26/07/2018)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

Joaquin De Soto jr wins the 2018 Sanwa Grand Prix at the Steel City RC Speedway in the 1/8 open class!!
With his Serpent 988 he qualified 4th but could take the win in the final. And in second place who qualified 3th Chris Velez with his Serpent 988.

And also in the 1/8 Masters class the Serpent 988 was dominating.
With the win of Dana Smeltzer and a full podium and TQ.

Also in the 1/10 class Serpent was able to take a price with Ralph Burch with his 748WC just behind JJ Wang.

It was a great event for Serpent at the 2018 Sanwa Grand Prix!

Setups to follow.