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Victor Gonzalez is the new Spanish Champion 1/8 On Road 2018 (23/08/2018)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

"The 3rd round of 2018 Spanish Nats 1/8 On Road was held at Samil track, at nice Vigo town in the Northwest of the country with the organisation of CAVI Club from Vigo.
Very close times into qualifiers with a final TQ run for Carlos Peracho (Shepherd). Nacho Lopez (Serpent), Victor Gonzalez and Adrian Santeiro disputed the Super-Pole where Nacho was able to set the fastest lap to get a direct pass to A-Main starting in second position.

From Semi-Finals, Serpent Team Drivers Sergio Rivas Pikias, Alberto Alonso and Alvaro Fernández were able to get a place into the Main Final, puting 4 Serpent 988 in A-Main with Nacho Lopez from Super-Pole the day before of finals.

The 45 minute A-Main started with Nacho Lopez, Carlos Peracho and Victor Gonzalez fighting in front. All finalists followed a tyre-change strategy around 20-25 min. Different small problems for the leaders and a very consistent driving and lap times put Alberto Alonso (Serpent 988) in front of the race, dominating it to the end of 45-minute final. In second position arrived Victor Gonzalez, and the 3rd place of the podium was for Carlos Peracho. Nacho Lopez (Serpent) finished 4rd with Sergio Rivas 5th and Alvaro Fernandez 6th also with Serpent 988.

With this result (2nd) Victor Gonzalez is the new Spanish Champion 1/8 On Road 2018. Congratulations!

Last race of the Championship will take place in October at Sevilla.

See you there!

Team Serpent Spain