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Justin Fales November Race Reports (31/12/2018)


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Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

On November 17th we attended round for of the FORCE state series race round 4.

Round 4 of The Force Series:
The track started out super slick Saturday morning. Then went to high bite big time. Did we qualify well? In Ebuggy, yes I would say. Started 2nd behind Billy Easton. Before the mains, according to the LiveRc list we would run starting at 5pm. So we changed sway bars, springs, hubs ect. We were traction rolling all afternoon. Then they did a couple of mains updates. Turned out we would start late in the night. Well as the temp dropped quick, so did the traction of the track. But using the new AKA P1 tire in soft compound the Ebuggy was decent and good enough the take the A-1 win.

This is where we screwed up! Both of us. I believed his car was good, because he won. Justin said the car was not good. My friends thought Justin was crazy. Lol. What we SHOULD have done is taken that info and changed the nitro car set up back to a more loose track condition. So starting 5th in the nitro main we quickly realized the set up was horrible. It took him so long to work his way up. We used Impact super soft long wear. At one point he got up to 2nd but a flip on the Tripple and 3rd it would be. But very happy as the Nova Rossi with the AMR mod and back plate ran great all weekend!

However! We learned from that and went to work on the Ebuggy for A-2. Changing the set up back and putting on some AKA Gridiron super soft he was way faster. The car just needed to roll more for grip. And grippy it was! Taking hot lap of the night at a 27.5. The Serpent SRX8E was super fast with the Trinity 2000kv motor and 5000 mah white carbon batteries.
We did a lot of experimenting with tires this weekend. Something we donít often do. It hurt us in qualifying.
The tires were very good but it required set up changes that I was not used to. We used Catapults and Zipps and the new P1. We used Zipps once before and never raced with Catapults. Now that I know what they are capable of we will try them more. As for the new AKA P1? Super fast. Canít wait to get more compounds to add this to our arsenal. Thank you to all our sponsors for everything! #raceAKA, #LFR, #Trinity, #SerpentAmerica, #PTOils, #KustomRCGraphics, #AmrEngines, #Sanwa, #RcAddictionProducts, #DeSotoRacing, and my man Dean Lloyd at #DeansDiscountHobbies

On November 24th we attended the Mills Pond Turkey Race.

Had a great time at the Mills Pond Turkey Race. Justin Fales took TQ and the win with the Serpent SDX4 Evo. Using the Trinity 6.5 motor and 4300 mah Lipo Factory battery. Justinís 4 wheel was blazing as he was cranking out a bunch of 26 second laps on AKA Crosslink rear and Chainlinks up front.

Great job to Trinity team mate Alfredo Morales taking second and AKA team mate Josh Cox taking 3rd!.
Justin also took TQ in Ebuggy and was gone in the main but suffered a mechanical failure with 2 minutes to go. Thanks Alfredo Morales for the great track conditions.

Till next time.
Justin Fales.
Team Serpent