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Carlos Duraes reports on the Montpellier GP warm-up race (21/01/2019)


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Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

This past weekend i've made the trip to the south of France to  attend to Montpellier GP warm-up race ! Track was in a good shape and on Saturday there was 2 rounds of practice and 4 rounds of qualifications.
My Serpent SRX8 improved each run after a couple of changes on the setup. The track is low grip and i had to make a few changes on the setup.

After 4rounds of qualifications i've made it straight into the A-Main ended up 9th overall. For the A-main i've made a couple of changes on the shocks but unfortunatly due to heavy rain i could not try it as the race was cancelled. It was a shame the weather didn't allow us to race the finals day anyway  it was a good practice for the GP in 3 weeks time.

My Serpent SRX8 didn't have any trouble during the race and was fast, just around 0.5sec slower than the Top guys like Batlle, Boots etc.

It was also very nice to see and help some french serpent drivers :)

Till next time.
Carlos Duraes
Team Serpent

Setup can be found in the setup section of the SRX8 EVO