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Pontus Larsson wins at Middle Swedish Cup Rd1 (06/05/2019)


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Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

First race of the season was in Skövde this weekend!!

Almost the whole elite was at this race and it could go anyway. The practise was on and we had problem with the car. But going in to qualification we changed more and more. The car was pretty good and I was on top in all three qualis with only a few seconds ahead of Jessica Pålsson.

The semis next and I was asleep 5 min before race start. Dad woke me up and I was in chock and the track was soooo bumpy from last time!
The semis went on and I came home 2nd behind Race Elias Johansson after a tough comeback. Still schoked after dad woke me up in stress coming in to the finals.

Started 4th, came up to 2nd and back to 6th on lap one. I got past the pack that was in front of me very fast. Now it was a big gap to 2nd place ahead of me. But I kept my head down and gained on them massively fast. Car just felt awesome to drive and I was clearly the fastest driver on track. Winning by 12 seconds after a long fight with Jessica.

Big thanks to all the support at the race and all the fun.

Team Serpent Sweden