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Mark Green wins round 2 of the BRCA series (09/05/2019)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

Round 2 of the BRCA series takes place at the Halifax track , Saturday is for open practise but was a little limited due to rain showers but most got to do enough running to set up the car, My car was very easy to drive only having a little too much under-steer which proved quite hard to dial out and keep the nice feel the car had, but hard work and help from my pitman we managed to get it to 8th on the grid so clearly still some pace to find , we made quite a few changes before the final which is not ideal but i felt it was the right way to go .

In the warm up for the final the car felt a lot better which made me feel much more relaxed that i had made the right choice , The final got under way and i was able to make up quite a few positions before the first fuel stop . From there i just focused and when the final finished i had won , the car,engine/tyres/fuel all ran faultless so a good ending to a hard start to the weekend.
Thanks to Chris and John and the Halifax Track

Till next time
Mark Green
Team Serpent

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