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Alex Thurston reports on the round 2 of the BRCA series (08/05/2019)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

Last weekend was RD2 of the British 1/8th championship at Halifax, unfortunately I struggled all weekend and was a bit off pace compared to normal this was due to having to work all night before the day of the race. Not ideal but thatís real life. I arrived at the track at around 10.30 after coming straight from work so I was super tired, I did some practice and got my car comfortable but unfortunately on Sunday it wasnít that fast, the reason for this is because I set my car up on Saturday to drive nice but because I was tired that was an easy setup. On Sunday when I was ok my car wasnít fast enough, not enough steering for my driving style. Due to some other issues I was only able to complete 1 clean round of qualifying so it was hard to improve my setup, this only put me 9th on the grid for the A main which is a bit poor for me.

Anyway the final started and my luck still had ran out and I flamed out. When I rejoined the track I was last, I pushed super hard but as I was starting to catch up I hit another car on the straight full power who had flamed out trying to get back to the pits rolling. My body was finished so I had to come in again, my dad tried his best to sort it out to continue losing the least amount of time possible. I rejoined but after this crash being so fast and hard I appeared to have an issue with the tune of my engine until this point it had been ok. I suspect a broke full tank or something. Anyway I continued to try and collect valuable points for the championship after a really bad RD1 result that was rain effected.

Til next time,
Alex Thurston