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Pontus Larsson takes 3th at the first Swedish nationals (22/05/2019)


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Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

Sooo... Swedish Nationals Rd1 done. 2nd in practise as we change massively on the car.

Had the pace in Q1 but misstakes...
Q2 I was 2 tenths from first🙄 Q3 was awful. But Q4 and 5 was pretty good and manage to take them both, finishing 2nd in total behind the home driver Niclas Nille Månsson.

The car was very quick on the high grip track but rain was near...
Semi was dry tho and I had the lead till the last lap where Jessica Pålsson past me with a misstake of mine 😕.

Rain came down as the final was about to begin, so we just changed tire just to be on the safe because we knew it would'nt come anymore rain.

Starting 4th in the A final. The start was okey, got up to 3rd and then immediately made a misstake and was dead last...
Struggled to get back up again and I just didn't have the pace in these conditions to match the top 5. But as the track dried up I got faster and faster. Was a lap down in 5/6th place but I put the foot down. And was 14 seconds behind in 3rd place with some 5 min to go. Made many misstakes at the end and Race Elias Johansson was very close but I took 3rd place.

The setup was there all weekend except for the A final when the rain came down. But still happy to take 3rd place at this level of racing.
Congrats to Hampus Berg for the win!!

Thanks to all the support from the serpent team, always a pleasure to meet you all at the track!!

Pontus Larsson
Team Serpent

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