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Merlin Depta reports ENS round 2 Rupchen NL (29/05/2019)


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Viper 988 1/8 GP

We arrived Thursday pretty well prepared at the track in Rucphen. By the way this has been one of the tracks where we originally tested the rear end from the 977 Evo2 which has been pretty much the basic for nowadays 988 Viper.


Over the practice I was looking for more in corner steering. The performance of the 988 in total from the first practice was pretty solid and I only needed a micron more steering into the corner to make the car rotate. I found myself during the practice every round between P0-P15 and was pretty confident as normally three fast laps are not my specialist area . Switching the body from Matrix Diablo to Blitz TS0040 gave me a more consistent rotation which I needed and with super close lap times in the Top20’s I just needed to drive it properly.

With some traffic in the qualifying it was on the edge as only a few tenths of a second would cost you some places in the ranking list. With some minor mistakes and some unlucky traffic I qualified finally on P14 directly for the B-final.


In the beginning of the B-final I immediately went from P4 to P3 with a really good start but got crashed directly in the next corner. Unfortunately no chance to get out of the way in time. That’s racing. In the end I finished on P21 what had – of course – not been my target.

Anyway we had a very good weekend as a team, found out good stuff on our cars and I was very pleased with Dominic’s performance in the A-main!

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