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Alex Thurston takes 3th place overall at the EFRA series 2019 (04/06/2019)


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Natrix 750 1/10 200mm gp car

EFRA GP RD3!! Another great race from Efra and also the team from Türkheim rc club!

At this race I qualified in a strong 7th place, which I was pretty happy with considering the level of competition.

Anyway the Semi final and it was a bit of messy start. Unfortunately I came off worse from a incident which was completely a racing incident, I was spun out and got hit by every car on the track (so it felt like) I was down in 9th or 10th. I pushed like crazy for quite a while and by the first fuel stop I was back in 4th. Until a very ambitious move from another driver put me into the fence. So again I had to push and climb my way back up. But I came home 4th but bumped up being the fastest loser from both semi finals.

The main, I had a very trouble free final. I drove nice I only had one bit of an off where my car flipped at the end of the straight on new tyres for some reason. Anyway we pushed on and with great work in the pits by Martin Thurston and Tom Martens we achieved 7th place today. The final was fast and was full of world class racers so it’s something to be proud of!

This result would also give me 3rd in the Overall championship of the EFRA GP series!!
I am super happy with that! Anyway a massive thanks to my mum and dad, my sponsors and everyone who supports me doing this.

See you all soon.!

Till next time
Alex Thurston
Team Serpent