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Dan Hansen reports Round 5 of Danish nationals (03/07/2019)


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Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd

Round 5 of Danish nationals is in the books.


Saturday was simply amazing, the sun was out, light wind and almost no clouds in the sky. Weather was extremely hot and this caused some people to struggle with engine temps. The technical track in Bjæverskov Denmark demands a lot of power out of the tight corners however tirewear was very good.

After 4 round of qualifying Nikolai was TQ, Jan 2nd and Julie 7. In the final Nikolai claimed an easy victory by 2 laps to teammate Jan that struggled with a rear gearbox failure from about the 25min mark. To complete the day Julie had a solid run and claimed 3rd witch this made an all Team Vinderup RC podium.

1 Nikolai Lamberts Serpent S811T
2 Jan Hansen
3 Julie Mikkelsen Serpent S811T

We had a blast at the team dinner that night J

Sunday was nitro buggy and expectations was high but so was the competition, again a super hot day but with a bit more wind. After 4 round of qualifying the team was well placed. Jan in 4th, Nikolai 5th, Julie 16 and Nicolai 18 this looked like at least 2 cars in the final however Jan (16 overall) had to retire in the semi due to a steering servo issue. Julie finished just outside of the last bump in 6th (overall 13) Nicolai didn’t make the cut either finishing 14th overall . Nikolai won his semi final and was ready for 45min of hard but fair racing for the win against Peter Harder (Xray), the pace was there especially towards the end but sadly Nikolai needed 1 more stop for fuel than Peter, a couple of mistakes trying to wheel in Peter in the last few minutes ended with Peter claiming victory by 12,8seconds.

1 Peter Harder
2 Nikolai Lamberts Serpent SRX8EVO
3 Daniel Bubel

All in all a great weekend, 4 out of 6 steps on the podium for the team, we are very happy and is looking forward to the next event.

Till next time,
Dan Hansen