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Bryce Butterfield wins with Serpent 750 at 2020 Steel Series Rd2 (10/02/2020)


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Natrix 750 1/10 200mm gp car

The second round of the 2020 Steel Series was held at Steel City RC Speedway in Fontana, California this past weekend. In the 1/10th 200mm Nitro Sedan class it was Bryce Butterfield with the overall TQ from Michael Palazzola on the runner-up spot after the qualifiers. The 15-minute A-main event then again saw Bryce Butterfield (Serpent) holding the upper hand, bringing home the silverware one lap ahead of Brian Thomas. Walter Diaz with his Serpent came in 3rd to round out the podium result, another lap down.

Team Serpent.