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David Ehrbar explains about the advantage of the Serpent F110 SF4 option parts (24/02/2020)


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Serpent F110 - SF4 1/10

Diffusor F110 black (SER411371)

Can be used in combination with short or narrow bodyshells to create a big amount of aerodynamic rear grip. (note, the effect is rather small with current “long” race bodyshells like Protoform F26 and Gonzo Type L)


Center pivot plate alu F110 SF4 (SER411456)

Replaces Center pivot plate carbon F110 SF4 (SER411401), for more durability and reduced CG height of the pod. Improved cornerspeed on high grip. A must for indoor racing.


Rear axle carbon F110 SF4 (SER411428)

Replaces 411427 for more durability, reduced weight and reduced inertia. This is a performance and durability upgrade. Recommended for  everybody. More acceleration and much better durability than the stock aluminium axle.


Weight 25gr front low F110 SF4 (SER411420)

This weight can be used in the front cutout of th Chassis plate, to place weight as far front and as low as possible in the car. Recommended for high grip racing, as long as the car is below the weight limit without ballast weights.


Weight 15gr front up F110 SF4 (SER411421)

Can be mounted on top of Weight 25gr front low F110 SF4 (SER411420) for even further forward weight distribution.


Chassis alu F110 SF4 (SER411433)

Increases chassis stiffness, and adds weight on the lowest possible position. Can be used on super high grip conditions for added cornerspeed and reduced grip-rolling.


Pod stiffner alu S120 PRO (SER411440)

Adds stiffness to the pod assembly. Recommended on the F110 SF4 for tough club racing, and endurance racing.


Damper extension 30mm S120 PRO (SER411449)

Recommended for longest possible shock configuration. Replaces Damper extension 10mm F110 SF4 (SER411394). The effect is more on-power steering and less stability on the brakes. Removing the extensions all together makes the rear end more stable on power and on the brakes.


Carbon rear axle diff set pro F110 SF4 (SER411455)

This is a complete diff kit, including all our options (ceramic diff balls, carbon shaft).


Front suspension upgrade set F110 SF4 (SER411458)

Suspension geometry upgrade with fine Ackermann adjustment. The geometry can go from the usually used rather parallel steering configuration to the strongest possible Ackermann effect (most difference inside to outside wheel steering angle). The front hole is intended to use the range like the F110 SF4 kit setting, the rear position is the one recently used by the team at races. The setting can be fine adjusted with the well-known inserts in 6 positions. The more forward on the center lever, the more parallel the steering, and thus more aggressive. The far rearward the center lever, the more cornerspeed and precision.


Side plate carbon V2 (2) F110 SF4 (SER411457)

Replaces Side plate carbon (2) F110 SF4 (SER411408). V2 is slightly longer to create more space for larger spur gears and/or longer wheelbase and features a third hole for the wing mount to use a higher wing position. The diff cutout is also bigger to create more space for higher roll angles.


Screw set orange upper side (96) F110 SF4 (SER411431)

Reduces the weight of the car by 25g especially on the upper part, to lower the Center of Gravity.


Screw set orange lower side (41) F110 SF4 (SER411432)

Reduces the weight of the car by 10g