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David Ehrbar wins TOS race at the Arena 33 track (17/08/2020)


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Serpent F110 - SF4 1/10

After the long corona break it was a very good feeling to have a race again. The best place for the first race is of course Arena 33, where also the third round of ETS will be held in 4 weeks, so it was a good preparation for that, too. It is so much fun to drive on the new track here. I was testing a few new prototype parts for the F110 SF4. The performance was good, and my pit space was rather remote, so I decided to use the car with the “secret” prototype parts for the TOS race to do more testing during the race, and lend out my “race car” to Sören Sparbier, who was very happy with the car after his first try. Sorry, only a picture of my "race car" that Sören drove this time ;-)
I could win the race in front of Sören, so it was a great Serpent day again. I hope we can see Sören more often with the SF4.
Thanks to the Rheinard Family, Tonisport team and DJK Andernach for this amazing facility and good race organization in these difficult times. And of course thanks to my sponsors who share my passion to innovate and improve things for the good support in all these years. Things don't always go as planned, but I hope it will be possible to continue together stronger than ever in 2021. Anyways, let's end 2020 in the best possible way.