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Merlin Depta reports his ENS race at the Aigen track in Austria (02/08/2021)


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Serpent VIPER 989 40th anniversary 1/8 GP

Back home with my dad after four days of racing at European Nitro Series  Rd1 in beautiful Aigen, Austria.

I haven't had a radio in my race since exactly one year at the same track with the same event making it hardly to the A-main by bumping up.

The more surprising was our pace this year! I arrived super relaxed taking this first ENS as holiday from the Merlin McFly workshop.

It took me the first 1-2 runs to get used to my radio and feeling for the car but from this point on we found ourselves in the top spots every single round!

Scoring a P2 and P2 in the first two qualifiers we managed to go into the main final from second position with strongest competition right in the neck!

As the main final started I felt that the first set of tires was not as good as the other one we drove in within the warmup so I tried to keep my position as long as I could. Thanks to Dominic for this amazing and super fair fight within the first minutes of the race... Blocking away the whole 8-car-train behind me 😅

With the second set of tires the pace was o.k. again and with 8 minutes to go I found myself within the Top4. A flameout while refuelling made us lose some places which resulted in P6 after the final.

I must say that it felt so great to finally meet again friends from RC, have a good time, a chat and a drink together. It felt so great to have an awesome team Serpent (Michael,  Jill,  Ricardo, Martin,Julius, Konstantinos you Malakas are amazing) with me in the paddock. Klaus did an amazing job on my engines and in the pits. He is so unbelievable motivated that I couldn't ask for more. It's so good to share this hobby with my dad who has always supported me over the years and is still taking care of me.

I also want to congratulate my friend Simon for this great performance in the OPEN 1/8. Also Dominic and Toni were super strong.

Thanks to my sponsors making these trips possible

Till next time!
Merlin Depta

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