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Juan Hildalgo reports his ENS race in Aigen Austria. (05/08/2021)


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Serpent Natrix 750 EVO 4wd 1/10 GP

Well...! ENS round 1 in the beautiful Aigen track, Austria, is already in the books.
Back home with my dad after four days of Racing.

Sweet and sour taste after a good pace in the qualification, scoring a P1 and a P2 and securing the second position in the grid.

In the final, one of the strangest things that ever happened to me occurred, in the warm up everything was fine, and in the beginning of 45’ final, I missed all engine power in the first laps and drivers who were behind overtook me in the straight and unfortunately some hit me and I finished in the grass (Yes, I was, actually really slow😅)
After some laps power just came back again (yes, magically🤔) and trying to recover I run out of fuel at 4’10”
After all, really happy with the performance of the 750EVO, with which I honestly think we could have fought for the win. Good pace and fastest laps in the 45’ final!

So that’s racing sometimes...now already thinking in the next one,  

I would also like to say that it felt so good to finally meet friends from RC again, we had a good time together. Really grateful with Julius Kolf, Klaus Lechner, Michael for the technical advices and Iñaki Montesinos for the good pit stops! Every race is part of continuos learning.

Congrats to Jilles Groskamp for the win and thanks to all those who support me.

See you in the next one!

Juan Hidalgo
Team Serpent

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