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Jesus Diaz 2022 ROAR Paved On-Road Nationals Race Report (26/10/2022)


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Serpent F110 - SF4 1/10

Track conditions and weather were good with medium to high traction.
Got a great start on Thursday by seeding 1st in all three classes.
Let me start with Serpent S120 PRO. By far the best asphalt 1/12 chassis
I have built & driven.

Chassis was box stock with kit springs other than the
servo saver and some shimming. I will address this on set up sheet.
Car was amazing in GT12, Allowing  me to T/Q All four Qualifiers and win
first two A-Mains uncontested for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Moving on to the Serpent F110-SF4. I must say F1 is my favorite class on
asphalt. I have been running this chassis for some time now and got some
set-up tricks. But by far this is best one yet. Front control tires were way to
aggressive almost shredding and pushing half way through a run. Thanks
to my team mate Brandon Diaz and a late night in hotel we re-located ESC
and receiver from side of chassis to front of servo (DREMEL REQUIRED)
allowing removal of front added weight. This got our F1ís down to 1025Gr
with much more agile balance and much better tire wear. I was able to T/Q
three rounds and win the first two A-Mains for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
with Brandon Diaz T/Qing one and taking second overall.

 Pretty sure we both
set track records with matching 15.3 hot laps. Our Serpent F1ís were just
a pleasure to drive. In VTA I ran Serpent 4x Medius chassis with X20/21
steering upgrades. Chassis is great for this class. Great set-up window.
Also T/Q all four rounds. Won 1st A-Main. Got on the curb in 2nd A-main
traction rolled and fought back to 4th. Lead most of the 3rd A-main but
got run down in last few laps and ended up taking 2nd overall. Stepping up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         to X20/23 chassis that are amazing and running S/S & Mod touring.
Big thanks to Serpent, DeSoto Racing, and Joaquin DeSoto for all the help
and support. And as a bonus win, F1 Serpent/Trinity Livery paint scheme