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Hamish Scott 2023 WA EP State titles race report (13/12/2023)


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Medius X20 '24 carbon 1/10 EP

My home track for racing , an EP only track I've done a lot of laps on all layouts but the layout chosen for this year's titles by far my favorite, fast and flowing with a couple technical sections with high risk high reward on laptimes I was running 13.5tc due to lack of mod entries and 1/8e pan car.

Qualifying for 1/8 I was in clear traffic after seeding and with some changes to the 990e for more side bite due to the low grip the car came alive for qualifying and I was able to TQ 4 rounds to put me in pole for the finals.

Qualifying for touring car I had seeded 1st and with a brand new set of tires on for Q1 and clear traffic I knew this could be an opportunity to get a banker in, I was able to TQ after 3 rounds with my X20. I did choose to run 1 set of tires for the entirety of qualies to save tires for the finals, decision made early on knowing the car was excellent still on used tires.

Finals for 1/8, running two classes didn't leave me much time to work on so my 990e so the set up remained unchanged. The finals were incredibly windy and could easily catch you out but I kept it clean and took both A1 and A2 comfortably, choosing to run A3 with some set up changes to see if could extract anymore pace bettering my laptime by .100 but unable to beat my race time.

Finals in touring car, an always competitive this one would be interesting and getting the A1 win on new tires was essential, I did take a few risks on new tires and pushed hard to take A1 a lap up. A2 on 2nd run tires and on a hot track just had to keep it clean and get away at the start not knowing what others had decided to do with tires. It was a clean heat with multiple drivers showing pace right to end but securing A2 win got me the title.

A great weekend racing at my local club, although a fast paced weekend everyone seemed to have enjoyed the event.

Was great to see so many other  Serpent cars out,
Chris 2nd in 1/8e with a Serpent 990e and 5th in 13.5 touring car with a Serpent X20
Paul 3rd in 1/8e with a Serpent 990e
Neville 5th in 21.5 touring car Serpent X20
Danny 8th in 21.5 touring car Serpent X20
Craig 2nd in F1 with a Serpent SF4

See you at the next event :)

Hamish Scott