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A new promotion clip from our latest Serpent Mini Spyder RTR car!! (08/05/2024)


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Serpent Mini Spyder RTR 1/24 EP

The Serpent Mini Spyder RTR is a small 1/24 ep buggy made of super elastic plastic to absorb shocks well, high-grip off-road wheels and equipped with the finest technology, the vehicle leaves nothing to be desired. The coreless motor accelerates the RC car up to 20km/h. If this is too fast for you in the living room or children's room, you can also reduce the speed thanks to a rotary control nub. Throttle/brake and steering commands are sensitively implemented in full proportion by the 2.4GHz remote control. Due to the modern transmission system, several vehicles can of course be driven at the same time. So nothing stands in the way of the mini Grand Prix at home!

See here the promoclip: