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> MEGA ZX15 Small Block Outlaw (#201200) - DISCONTINUED

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MEGA high performance racing small block engine for use in your 1/10th 200mm or 1/10th 235mm. High end engine with top quality piston and liner set, swiss-made bearings, latest design carburretor, orange cooling head and superbly finished grey anodised crankcase.

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> Description

High performance at realistic prices, the new Mega ZX15 proves this by offering truly high performance without seriously denting your wallet. Made for Serpent by Picco Micromotori in Italy, this engine has a real strong pedigree.


This all new grey anodised crankcase has been forged from high grade aluminium and is therefore very strong and highly durable. The design incorporates many cooling fins to keep the temperature under control whilst the internal porting ensures optimised gas flow.

To ensure a perfect seal, when the carburretor is mounted, the opening for the carb has been fitted with a rubber o-ring whilst to enable the smoothest possible movement of the crankshaft the casing has been fitted with Swiss-made high quality bearings. For looks, the side of the crankcase sports the new Mega Symbol on the front side and the ZX15 logo on the rear side.

Cooling Head

This beautiful Orange anodised cooling head features 7 cooling fins for regulating the temperature of your engine. The head has been machined around the edges to allow access to the engine mount screws as well as to make it look nicer. On top of the cooling head is the Mega Symbol, ZX15 logo and the engine categorisation symbols, all laser etched.

Low type head for lower center of gravity.

Combustion Chamber

Made from the finest quality alloy this combustion chamber is precision made to ensure a perfect seal even under extreme temperatures. Glow plug is not supplied (recommend Mega 7 Cold #200171).


Made from high strength steel the crankshaft is finished to the highest standard. It has a large bore intake which is optimised to best accomodate the fuel flow as well as a turbo scoop on the bellcrank that forces the fuel into the combustion chamber. The entire crankshaft has been made using a harder, more wear resistant, material which increases the durability of not just this part, but the entire engine.


This easy to adjust 2 needle carburettor maintains its needle settings, regardless of temperature, thanks to its design and the materials used in its construction.

Piston & Conrod

This super lightweight piston has been machined from high grade aluminium and features 2 rings around its circumference for aiding lubricaton. The piston has been made using true ABC (aluminium piston, brass sleeve with chrome plating) construction for ultra long usage with little or no visible wear.

Utilising bronze bushings top and bottom the conrod is aerodynamic and lightweight therefore reducing resistance and allowing the piston to move faster.

This 5 port high-density hard-chromed sleeve, offers incredible durability coupled with highly effective porting ensure that maximum revs are achieved as well as producing a wide power band.


The crankcase backplate is cast and features a 0-ring groove and 2 aerodynamic lugs for improved mixture flows and lubrication.


Comes in a newly designed Mega box along with instruction manual, reference sheet, and decal sheets.