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> Serpent S411 190mm Sport (#400006)

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Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm

Sport type, clublevel 1/10 scale 190mm electric powered touringcar. 4 wheel-belt-drive, RCM hydraulic shocks, front nylon spool, rear geardiff, independent suspension, black glass-fibre shocktowers, chassis and top-deck. Fully upgradable to race spec. No electronics, tyres/wheels, or body included.

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DHI Cup with Serpent 411 Sport kit (2013/01/16)


The idea
As I signed up for the DHI Cup in the modified class, I thought why not race in the Superstock class too? Normally there is plenty of time between each round, so I would not get any stress to race a second class. My second car I had used for spares, so I needed a car, and then the idea came to me: why not try the Serpent S411-S - the cheaper version of my TE race car? I made a deal with Serpent. I got a Sport and I should race the Sport version as stock as possible. Here are my experiences with the Serpent S411 Sport version.

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