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> Serpent 411 Eryx 3.0 190mm (#400016) - DISCONTINUED

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Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm

ERYX 3.0 Competition level 1/10th scale 190mm electric touring car chassis. Independent supension, Supershort shocks and low shocktowers, low motormount, lighter alu brackets lower and upper, 2mm alu 7075 T6 anodised chassis and carbon topdeck, alu suspension mounts, split inner mounts, front alu spool with blades, composite geardiff, front DJC v2, rear CVD wheelaxles. Also check the promo-site: http://promo.serpent.com/eryx3/

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Bowie Ginteng joins Team Serpent Asia (2015/09/23)


Bowie Ginting,  the toplevel driver from Indonesia is joining Team Serpent Asia.

Bowie is specialized in onroad racing, both EP and GP, with 1/10 TC as premier class, but basically he is good at any class of rc racing, as long as its has 4 wheels !

Bowie will run most races in Indonesia and also help develop the rc market for Serpent. Some international racing in the area will be added too.

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23-06-15New: Serpent Eryx 411 Adjustable battery holders
03-02-15Team: Viktor Wilck joins Serpent for onroad and offroad
05-01-15Marc Fischer intensifies cooperation with Team Serpent
27-11-14ERYX 411: new XH suspension arms
03-08-14RC MAN review of the ERYX 3.0 and the RRS system.
17-06-14review: ERYX 3.0 TC from A to Z by Tom How
05-06-14ETS Luxembourg: Serpent support and service
04-06-14Serpent introduces the RRS system for 1/10 - 411 - Eryx
18-05-14New: Serpent ERYX re-active rear Steering RRS planned
08-05-14ERYX 3.0 is shipping and more info is added
06-05-14Interview with Michael Salven on the ERYX 3.0
22-01-14Singapore-Asia: Daryl Tong races 411 Eryx and 747
02-11-13ETS: Asmer Tq and win with Serpent 411 Eryx
15-04-13Serpent Eryx 411 in full detail, by RCMAN, HK
10-02-13Serpent 41 ERYX build report by Tom
06-02-13USA: Serpent wins the 2013 Snowbirds
22-01-13Fischer takes 2nd place at ETS-2 in CZ
15-01-13Introduction: Serpent 411 ERYX 2.0 soon !
14-01-13Scoop: Serpent 411 ERYX is comming soon
06-12-12Serpent 411 tech-tip to try: steering
10-09-12Spain: 411 national champion
29-08-12Team: David Ehrbar joins Team Serpent 411
24-06-12Race 2 the Worlds: Pignotti from Italy won !!
04-06-12Holland: Fischer reports on ETS with 411
30-04-12Team Serpent 411: Ludovic Leflon
17-04-12Team: Top-driver Ryan Maker joins Serpent
03-04-12Swiss: Antonio joins Serpent 411 Team
18-03-12Germany: Kreder TQ and Maju with 411 wins the German Nats Hobby
12-03-12Canada: Crisp wins 17.5 and mod Nats with Serpent 411
04-03-12Intro: Serpent 411 Team Edition, shipping 12 march
12-02-12Snowbirds: report by Marc Fischer
05-02-12USA: Snowbirds
31-01-12DRCMU 3 - Indoor - Denmark
26-01-12CZ: Michal Blahovský takes TQ and victory with S411
24-01-12Fischer reports from ETS Italy ( english and german)
11-01-12Fischer reports from DHI-Cup 2012
12-12-11Italy: Report on 411 racing by Brunelli
18-11-11UK: Jonny Boden wins BRCA Stock with 411
15-11-11Sweden: Nillson takes 411 to TQ and win in IndoorNats 2
14-11-11Germany: Dortmund Region Champs: Fischer TQ and win with 411
11-11-11ETS-1 Germany, report Marc Fischer
10-11-11Denmark: Callesen 2nd place in Nats with 411
29-09-11China: Internation Invitational GP 1/10 onroad
19-09-11Germany: Race report Fischer on German Nats - 411 victory
17-09-11Germany Nats TC: Fischer German Champ 2011 with 411
23-08-11Fischer race-report EC 2011 1/10 TC
13-08-11EC 1/10 TC Austria: Fischer in 8th overall with 411
31-07-11Germany; Fischer 1st victory with 411 at German Nats warm-up
12-07-11Indonesia: Bowie TQ and wins with Serpent 411 on debut
26-06-11USA; Scott TQ and wins 1st race with Serpent 411
19-06-11Serpent S411 in pieces by RC MAN
09-06-11Serpent 411 kits are shipping
07-06-11Serpent 411 assembly in few steps
30-01-11Scoop: Serpent S411 introduction, 1/10 Touringcar