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> Project 4X EVO 1/10 EP (#400031)

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Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm

Project 4X EVO 1/10 EP The Project 4X EVO touring car has a unique and proven design, in which the suspensions works in a very effective different way, with an extremely low center of gravity, very easy to work on and very durable. Easy to drive and lightning fast!

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Diego Locatelli wins RC10 cup with Serpent 4X EVO (2018/09/23)


On the beautiful MCM track in Ciserano (BG). After qualifying we find first place Goffi, second place Fenili and third place Locatelli (Serpent 4X evo). After winning the first two finals, Locatelli Diego with his Serpent 4X EVO won the RC10 CUP.

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12-09-18Hugo Miguel wins 2018 Portuguese Nationals with Serpent 4X EVO
13-04-18Spain: Barros joins Team Serpent with 4X
12-04-18Austria: Sascha Klug joins Team Serpent - 4X
19-03-18Designer interview with Ehrbar on 4X-EVO