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> Project 4X PRO 1/10 EP (#400032)

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Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm

The 4x pro is the evolution of the famous innovative Project 4x series. More flexibility and improved performance on any surface.y to drive and lightning fast!

> Description

The Serpent Project 4X PRO is a logical evolution over the 4X EVO. it shares all features of the 4x evo including the same easy to build and setup shock system and fixed-length pullrods, while the vertical topdeck is replaced by a horizontal topdeck for more aggressive steering on high grip surfaces and the rear suspension is heavily modified with much longer arms and a  different geometry to create more steering and widen the setup window on medium to high grip asphalt. For maximum rear stability and steering precision which is needed in stock classes, there is a fixed-toe rear wheelcarrier included in the kit.

Reversed steering system for better Ackermann geometry

Motor holder with carefully designed, optimised flex options

Molded pull rod activated system with rockers to activate the dampers

Same heave damper front and rear which is mounted below the diff/spool just above the chassis for lowest possible center of gravity.

Durable and smooth gear differential

Battery mounting system allows reposition the battery more front or rear and is prepared for shorty lipos

One screw ride-height adjustment from chassis side

Lightweight front aluminium spool with hardened steel outdrives, bladeless

DJC system in the front made out of spring-steel prevent wheel chatter and rear regular CVDs made out of 7075 T6 aluminium save weight

One short and one longer Kevlar reinforced drive belt and 38T pulleys on diff and front spool, 19T midshaft pulleys made out of hard anodized aluminium for maximum durability

Extremely low center of gravity

Easy diff and spool removal

Pivot ball suspension with small balls for simplicity and free movement

Main new items

New rear suspension. Race proofed with multiple ETS A final results and Podium at the IFMAR World Championship.
Fixed-toe rear with special geometry for stock racing with maximum rear stability and precision, both options included in the kit.

New horizontal topdeck for more steering on high grip surfaces.
Keyed topdeck for reduced risk of chassis tweak

2MM carbon fibre chassis with additional holes in the chassis plate for more flex options.

RRS rear end with new geometry, both options included in the kit.

Carried over from the 4X EVO:

Separate roll and heave motion in the car to make set-up easier and more precise

Small and light roll dampers front and rear that need only small amounts of oil, with through rod piston systems so no membrane is needed

Large heave damper with more oil and bigger springs and easy-bleeding system for precise rebound setting.
All dampers include machined pistons for best possible consistency

Good selection of heave and roll springs

Anti-roll bar function integrated in roll damper/springs

Easy and fast to change / replace the whole damper units (2 screws each)

Concept and design by Serpent Designer David Ehrbar from Germany