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> Medius X20 '21 carbon 1/10 EP (#400037)

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Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm

An evolution of the original X20 Medius! Learning from the X20 we have improved some handling characteristics to make the car more nimble and improve corner speed, stiffening of the chassis in critical areas to change the flex points along with tweaking the roll centre has led to the all improved speed. A Refresh on the already smooth drivetrain gives us more acceleration and nicer torque delivery with the all new ball raced driveshaft system. Innovative New Steering hubs allow a multitude of setup combinations including an industry first axle offset option. The new X20’21 is lighter, faster and more adjustable.

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We welcome Jackie Shum to Team Serpent Hong Kong (2020/12/08)


Welcome to Jackie Shum from Hong Kong, this is what he had to say about joining the team:

“First of all, I would like to thank Serpent for giving me the opportunity to join Serpent EP on-road team. It is for sure a great pleasure of me to be part of the team.
I have tested the car for a couple weeks and I can saythat the car is great.
From now on, I will help develop and promote Serpent brand with my other teammates.”

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29-10-20We welcome King Fong to Team Serpent Hong Kong
09-10-20Serpent Medius X20 '21 is ready to ship!