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> Medius X20 '23 carbon 1/10 EP (#400041)

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Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm

A continual evolution of the original X Series of Touring Cars! The 1/10 Touring car market has changed with some new and innovative designs – We have been working hard on our latest and best EP touring car yet, we present the X20 ‘23! New and improved suspension geometry giving you maximum rotation! Featuring a beautifully engineered aluminium rear diff, along with a completely new designed rear upper arm link setup providing increased adjustability. New shocks are also included with a larger 13mm bypass system. The Serpent X20 ‘23 is more adjustable, more refined and more performance! ​http://promo.serpent.com/x20-23/

> Description

Main new Items

The duel ball bearing DJC shafts in the front and rear ball raced CVD have been given a tweak, we have removed  the fiddly c-clips and replaced with larger single units which  are included as standard. Giving ultra-smooth & silent torque application throughout the suspension and steering travel.

Machined Shock Pistons are included standard to ensure maximum smoothness and durability.

A new 13mm big bore Progressive shock absorber with hard coating.

A revolutionary concept, the X20 ‘23 features a ‘floating’ or ‘fixed’ Shock tower adjustment, allowing more setup control of flex to adapt and fine tune to all styles of track and grip condition.

Moving away from the Hinge pin style suspension, we have developed a New arm mounting system which allows for the new pivot ball concept and increased adjustability for roll centre and camber gain.

All new designed arm with complete flex adjustability utilising different inserts.

New innovative lipo mounts have been designed with a spring loaded carbon fiber lever, allowing quick removal without the need for any tools. They also incorporate adjustability for different dimension batteries.

Engineering at its best! Our all new Aluminium gear diff will ensure complete efficiency and smooth action with its ball raced out drives.

Keeping with our successful duel pivot ball suspension system and innovative steering hub, we have added the now industry standard anti tire touch system. All new upper arms are mounted with the use of pivot balls, increasing suspension efficiency.

With the changes made to the suspension geometry, changes of the motor mount were implemented so the belt system can become more efficient and mounted on the same pulley. A duel ball bearing tension system removes the possibility of belt skip.    

Available in both carbon and aluminium, the X20 ‘23 chassis is designed with symmetry in mind, chassis flex points have been updated along with the continuation of maximum flex adjustments.

Overview of the main specs of the X20 ‘23

Overview of the main specs of the X20 ‘23

- Serpent Adjustable 50mm shock with 13mm oversize
  Progressive  shock body
- Serpent Linear bigger bore springs
- Dampers include machined pistons for best
  possible consistency
- Traditional style ball raced LCG Anti-roll bar
- Pivot ball suspension with small balls for
  simplicity and free movement
- 4x style arm mount with adjustable castor
- Easy diff and spool removal
- Extremely low center of gravity
- All new steering system for Ackermann geometry
- Motor mount holder with adjustable flex
- Re-Active rear steering RRS system is standard
- 1 piece shaft and motor mount allow easy
  maintenance and changing of spur gears
- Durable and smooth Aluminium gear differential
- Battery mounting system allow different size and
  height battery
- Lightweight front spool with hardened steel
  outdrives, bladeless
- Carbon fibre chassis in 2.25mm (400041 Medius
  X20 '23 carbon 1/10 EP)
- Aluminium medium chassis in 2mm (400042 Medius
  X20 '23 aluminium 1/10 EP)
- Even length Kevlar reinforced drive belt and
  super true running pulleys, midshaft pulley made
  out of hard anodized aluminium for maximum
- Adjustable arm stiffness
- BB DJC Driveshaft as standard
- Floating Shock tower option