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> Medius X20 '23 carbon 1/10 EP (#400041)

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Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm

A continual evolution of the original X Series of Touring Cars! The 1/10 Touring car market has changed with some new and innovative designs We have been working hard on our latest and best EP touring car yet, we present the X20 23! New and improved suspension geometry giving you maximum rotation! Featuring a beautifully engineered aluminium rear diff, along with a completely new designed rear upper arm link setup providing increased adjustability. New shocks are also included with a larger 13mm bypass system. The Serpent X20 23 is more adjustable, more refined and more performance! ​http://promo.serpent.com/x20-23/

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Report of the HKRCSA race in Hong Kong: (2023/05/30)


I'm really grateful and happy to report that I managed to secure a 3rd place finish in the Mod A-main category, while Patrick Chau, driving the X20 23', took 4th place. Lee Chun Yin performed well in the B1 category, and young racer Mark Mak made an impressive debut in TRC with the Serpent, securing 9th place. It was quite an achievement for all of us, and we feel fortunate to have competed alongside such talented racers.

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28-03-23Race report about the Guangdong RC Championship in China.
15-06-22Serpent Medius X20-23 carbon is shipping now!!