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> Spool outdrive 4X-411 no-blade (2) (#401744)

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> Description

Project 4X / ERYX  Bladeless spool outdrives (packed by 2)

The new spool outdrives for the Project 4X car reduce the risk of breaking driveshaft blades by simply not using them. By using super strong springsteel there is almost no wear on this part, we do recommend to use some lubrication.

The parts are strategically machined, to offer a controlled flex characteristic, ensuring some energy consumption in hard crashes without bending or breaking, and at the same time saving some weight.
By eliminating the driveshaft blade, the play in the assembly is also reduced, ensuring a consistent turn- in characteristic.
The spool outdrives can also be used in the Serpent Eryx line of cars.

Part: 401744    401744   Spool outdrive 4X-411 no-blade (2)