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> Serpent S120 1/12th scale (#410001)

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Serpent S120 1/12th scale

Product Type:
Electric Cars > 1/12 pan

1/12th scale electric powered 2wd competition level pan car chassis.

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EC 1/12 UK, Serpent update (2010/03/04)


Results at the End of Official Practice 1/12 Electric EC England
(5 March 2010)

Marcus Mobers is leading the Serpent drivers in both Spec and Modified classes finishing 4th in Spec and 8th in Modified.


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01-03-10Green wins Carpet wars
23-02-10Finland, Pekka takes 2nd place S120 T
22-02-10Speith wins 1/12 Race in Germany with S120
31-01-10Finland, Tom Kalves 3rd with Serpent S120 in 1/12
03-01-10Mark Green TQ-s/ wins 1/12 Carpet Wars 10.5 with S120
20-12-09Triple TQ and victories with Serpent EP-cars
02-11-09Cristian Faur (Ro), also wins the 2nd Nats with S120
28-10-09Serpent S120 win in Hungary Nats: Cristian Faur (Ro)
25-10-09Mobers wins German 1/12 round with S120
06-10-09EPS-1: Mobers reports about S120 racing-testing
05-10-09Germany: Mobers wins EPS-1 race with Serpent S120/S120L
14-09-09EPS: European Pan Series 1/12
18-06-09USA: new set-up for S120 13.5 TQ, 17.5 setup
29-03-09Electric indoor Carpet Nationals 2009 by Brian Rice.
25-03-09Electric indoor Carpet Nationals 2009.
21-03-09US Nationals Indoor EP
11-03-09France: Riccobono goes 1/12
08-03-09Carpet wars UK, Green wins with S120
04-03-09Mobers reports on 12 scale Superstock Euro 's
01-03-09Holland: Mobers Vice-Champion at 1/12 Euros Superstock
12-02-09Mobers at the Snowbirds with S120
11-02-09Ciccarello 2nd in modified with S120 / Snowbirds
30-01-09Interview with Markus Mobers; Team-driver / developer S120
28-01-09S120 at the Snowbirds
25-01-09Mark Green winter-change to 1/12
21-01-09Paul Ciccarello racing S120 in mod
21-01-09Interview with Paul Ciccarello driver
17-12-08Serpent S120 travels to the Snowbirds 2009 USA
16-12-08Serpent S120 improved and more complete
14-12-08Sweden: Friendship race 1/12
18-11-08Optionals for S120
16-11-08Swiss, S120 / Shasa wins 1/12 Edelweiss Cup
13-11-08Serpent Swiss: new distributor
04-11-08Mobers reports on S120
02-11-08Germany, S120 win with Markus Mobers
02-11-08MACH Indoor-track Haarlem, Holland
08-10-08Massimo Fantini meets S120
17-07-08Serpent release the S120 1/12th scale