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> Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2 Wide-foam (#410064)

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Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2 Wide-foam 1/10 scale F1 2wd car, electric powered, to use with foam tyres. High end racing chassis in kit-version. Protoform body F1 - 15 included.

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> Description

Serpent introduces the Serpent F110 SF2 Formula 1 car in a wider foam tyre version.

The highly successful Serpent SF2 F110 car now in a version specific for foam tyre use.  The main differences are the wider lower front carbon plate and upper front trackrods and steeringrods.  
The kit comes complete with the Protoform F1-15 body  and the moulded rear diffusor.

The kit include a moulded black diffusor for ground effect / areodymanic effects.  This is mounted  to a new backplate which also allows to change the rear wing height.

Protoform F1 - 15 body
The clear version F1 body is made by Protoform. Its the F1 15 type body, which fits the car nicely and has very good performance, combined with the Serpent wings front and rear and as needed the diffusor too.

Durable and light ball-differential, and light alu hex wheel-hubs
The ball-raced ball differential is supersmooth and easy to assemble, with light hardened steel plates. The hexagon diff and wheel adaptor are also lightweight and spin supertrue.  One spur-gear  is included.

Large 2 level adjustable  rear wing
The realistic looking high downforce rear wing with 2 layers connects to the carbon rear plate.  The top-wing can be adjusted in 3 positions for less or more downforce / drag.

Captured pivotball  connection
The captured pivotball links the rear pod with the chassis.   This innovative rear-central pivot system which connect the rear pod in new way with the chassis, and thus prevents any binding, creating more effective sidelink action, at any angle.  With this set-up changing roll-center is also very easy.

Pancar style rear end
Strong carbon fibre lower pod and rear plate  and  aluminium powerpod sides. The right alu motorholder fits most commonly used motors . The light alu rear axle seats in bearings in nylon ride height inserts.  All 5 types rideheigts inserts are included in the kit.

Strong and light aluminum rear axle
The light aluminum rear axle is more durable and comes close to the weight of a carbon fibre one ( which sells as optional)

Springloaded Link-type rear suspension with single tube
The springloaded pivotball mounted side-links interact with the single silicone oil filled tube and the central upper shockabsorber to ceate maximum grip with the rear tyres.

Carbon fibre bodymount and topdeck
The bodymount doubles as sidespringholder and tube holder.  Strong nylon bodymounts with fine tuning nuts for body-height.

Strong servo holder and  servo saver
The aluminium servo mounts  allow the servo to be mounted flat on its side, in either a front or more backwards position. The new centre pivot type steering system is very smooth and precise, as well as durable and offers 2  inner ackermann positions.   The car can be used with the included small servo-saver ( includes splines in 23/24/25T)  or solid with a lever ( also 3 included).

new, lightweight central shockabsorber RCC type with threaded housing for finetuning. A pivotball mounted  hydraulic central shockabsorber connects to upper front and rear assembly. The small shocktower offers 3 holes for set-up changes. The foam insert type shockabsober feature a hardened shockrod, smooth o-ring/shim package and  a threaded housing to enable spring preload changes with very small increments. The unique design enables also easy adjustment of the rear pod droop. The shockspring is selected and grinded flat for equal action.  More springstypes and silicone oils available to play with set-up.

Durable springloaded steeringblocks with  pivotballs
The steeringblocks are spring loaded on the kingpin, and create supersmooth suspension travel  . Various springs available. The kingpin inclication can be easily changed with inserts. From zero to four degrees, with 2 being default. All inserts are included. The steeringblocks offer 2 ackermann positions.  

Adjustable ride height to suit both rubber and foam tyres
The chassis offers the possibility to easily change the ride height with spacers.

Superb looking high downforce  front composite wing
The new realistic looking composite front F1 wing  creates lot of downforce. On both sides of the wing the main flaps are adjustable, 3 position to choose.  The nylon front bumper sits flush with the chassis and mounts rigidly with 2 large screws to the chassis.  The bumper will absorb hard frontal crashes.
Front suspension with lower carbon wishbones
The fully adjustable front suspension allows for camber and caster changes, as well as toe and roll center adjustment. The manual shows a good  starting point as base set-up. The lower wishbone-plate is made in durable 2.5mm carbon fibre, and allow for enough flex.  The plate is machined thinner in the middle to allow the extra flex, especially when the full suspension pivotballs are used. The upper wishbones are adjustable to set camber.  Shims above or below the balls of the suspension can be used for roll-center adjustments. Caster is set with  the nylon inserts in the the front carbon topplate. Toe-in is set with the steering rods.

Main specs of the F110 SF2 Wide car.

Carbon fibre chassisplate in 2.5mm
Narrow chassis in high quality woven carbon fibre, stiff type, but enough flex to create more grip as needed.  Countersunk holes in the bottom for  an even surface.  The chassis layout offers various ways  to mount the battery central or backwards, and the servo can be mounted in 2 ways too more front or more to the rear.   This allows the driver to play with weight distribution which has a big effect in F1. The battery and servo, together with the motor are among the heaviest parts in the car.

Chassis and holders fit Shorty  packs
The kit includes the 2 carbon side-plates, so the speedo and receiver can be mounted on the side of the chassis, still centrally to retain a perfect balance.  Composite holders kepe the Shorty packs well positioned. The Shorty packs nowadays have so much power, that a regular 2S packs in no longer needed to fit.

Main specs of the car.
-   Carbon fibre parts in theF110 SF2:  chassisplate in 2.5mm,  rear lower suspensionplate, rear top-deck, front top-deck,  shock centerplate, sideplates, bodymount  and rearplate
-   Strong adjustable high downforce front nylon wing
-   Front suspension with strong 2.5mm lower carbon wishbones and  aero type composite upper suspension arms ;  fully adjustable
-   Durable steeringblocks with upper pivotball and kingpin spring system
-   Adjustable kingpin inclination with inserts
-   Adjustable ride height to suit both rubber and foam tyres
-   Caster adjustment with easy access inserts in the top carbon bracket
-   Aluminium servo holder and  new type steering saver system with adjustable ackermann
-   new, lightweight central shockabsorber RCC type with threaded housing for finetuning
-   Springloaded Link-type rear suspension with single tube
-   New style bind-free central pivotball system  
-   Pancar style rear end with low CG aluminium/carbon powerpod
-   Strong and light aluminum rear axle
-   Durable and light ball-differential, and light alu hex wheel-hubs with steel insert
-   Large durable adjustable 2 level composite white rear wing
-   High quality ball-bearings and fasteners
-   Strong nylon bodymounts with fine tuning nuts
-   Independent front suspension set as an optional set-up included in the kit.  
-   Qptional wide front end available for use with foam tyres

Not included
-   tyres/wheels/ electronics, motorpinions.

Design by Michael Salven and David Ehrbar.

The Serpent F110 SF2 comes as assembly-kit  in a compact box with Serpent graphics. The box includes all the parts packed in bags following the steps of the online pdf-style full color manual and 2 decalsheets.  The kit does  not include wheels-tyres or electronics.

The Serpent F110 SF2 is developed by Michael Salven in close cooperation with (race)engineer and ETS front runner David Ehrbar.  The F110 SF2 is the next step in the evolution of the F110 platform that already won the ETS Championship title in its first season.  

The F1 class is growing fast in popularity and the development of class and technology goes hand in hand. With the completely new front end, the innovative rear-center pivot system , the adjutsable steeringblocks, the realistics and performing new front and rear wing and the many other improvements , the Serpent F110 SF2 can put you in the winners circle !

Design by Michael Salven and David Ehrbar.

Team Serpent