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> Rear wing F110 white L DF (#411355)

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Product Type:
Electric Cars > F1
Suitable for:
Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2
Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF3
Serpent F110 - SF4 1/10

Rear wing F110 white Low Downforce Upper wing angle is adjustable: 30-42-54 degree angle.

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> Description

For Serpent F110-SF1 and SF-2, as well as for most other F1- 1/10 scale cars, Serpent introduce this new 1/10 scale multi - level, adjustable  rear wing .

This wing comes as standard in the Serpent F110-SF2 kits.

The durable moulded rear aero wing is assembled with small screws. The rear part of the upper wing can be adjusted in 3 positions quick and easy.

The realistic looks will really make our F1 car stand out in the crowd. Available in black and white.

Serpent offers the matching adjustable front wings in black and white too.
411352  Wing front black F110 SF2
411353  Front wing white F110 SF2