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> Wide front set F110 SF3 (#411386)

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Product Type:
Electric Cars > F1
Suitable for:
Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF3

Wide front set F110 SF3

> Description

Serpent introduces a 190mm wide upgrade set for the front suspension of the ETS-series winning F110 SF3.

The set consists of a wider 2mm stiff carbon suspension plate, a wider top mounted castorplate and the balljoints and lightweight alu L/R threaded trackrods to match.
Assembly is easy and very similar to the standard parts. No further mods are needed.

Designer David Ehrbar used this set on his ETS Series winning  F110 SF3 car.

Designer / ETS winner David Ehrbar:
“The wide front set is designed for high tracction surfaces. It makes cornering more consistent and less agressive without taking away grip. Also it reduces risk of grip rolling and is therefore recommended for indoor carpet tracks and tracks prepared with sugar water “.