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> Spyder SRX4 buggy 4wd 1/10 alu. (#500011)

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Spyder SRX4 Buggy 4wd 1/10 with alu chassis High end Race level 1/10 scale 4wd buggy. Ready for the racetracks in dirt, clay, grass, astro or carpet. Vice European Champion 2015 : Joern Neumann Aluminium 7075 T6 hardcoated 2.5mm chassis with composite side plates. Big bore 12mm hard coated shock-absorbers. Dual belt-driven drive system, with captured long front belt and open side belt. Compact and light front and rear gear differentials with composite front pulley and rear hard anodized aluminum diff gear. Slipper clutch with friction pads and solid aluminum front locked clicker. Durable spring steel drive shafts, wheel axles and drive cups. Carbon fiber shock towers front and rear. Design by Billy Easton, USA the Spyder SRX4 Minisite. http://promo.serpent.com/srx4/

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TORCH National Report June 2018

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01-03-16Serpent Spyder SRX4 with aluminium chassis
06-01-16USA: USA driver Griffin Hanna joins Serpent Works Team for offroad
21-10-15Spyder SRX4; front arms exchange program
21-10-15Spyder buggy, new parts and optionals
30-09-15Team Serpent ready for the Worlds in Japan, 1/10 buggy
24-09-15Spyder SRX4 assembly report in many images: by TomHow
20-09-15Serpent Minisite for Spyder SRX4 ready
15-09-15Designer interview: Billy Easton about the Spyder SRX4 buggy 1/10 4wd
19-08-15Scoop: Serpent Spyder 4wd buggy 1/10 4wd shipping soon
11-08-15Neumann Vice European Champion with Spyder SRX4