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> Serpent Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Dirt (#500013)

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1-10 Electric Powered 2wd Racing Buggy The Srx-2 Gen3 has been completely re-designed from the ground up. The customers, racers, and fan favorite trolls have shared their glories, opinions, and pains about the previous SRX-2ís. We were open minded and willing to meet every expectation to push the boundaries of our product and the 1/10 2wd Market. The new SRX-2 needed to be slimmer, stylish, tougher, easier to work on, and above all else Faster. With over 85% of the parts being new, all the while, still being able to use most all previous SRX-2 parts, this car is an absolute masterpiece of construction. You can build it to any configuration you wish, new and/or old. Here at Serpentís Secret R&D office, we are un-rivalled in our interest to win, and feel, this car will take you to more checkered flags than any previous SRX-2model we have ever made, Guaranteed.Ö!!!!!

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Valentin Peuziat reports AMRT track in Anger (F). (2020/02/17)


This week end I raced for the first time @ the AMRT track in Anger (F).
Nice facility, lovely organiser and 70 drivers for a club race, that's  great.
The club also settled a heat with 10 young beginners in order to give them the opportunity of racing for the first time.

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08-11-19Tony Evdoka reports first race with SRX2 Gen3
09-10-19Serpent Spyder SRX2 Gen3 is shipping!!!