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> Geardiff set SRX2 (#500192)

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> Description

Serpent is introducing the super compact geardifferential for the Spyder series of 1/10 scale offroad cars.  Its fits the Spyder SRX-2 RM , MM and the soon coming  SC.

The gear differential features a very compact composite  housing, consisting of 2 sides and the central 51T gear. The small 14T and  large 28T gears are made in sintered metal for durability.  Supersmooth diff action due to the specially designed gearshape. The cross-shafts are made in aluminium with flat spots for fitment. The shaped silicone seals seats in the groove and will provide a leakproof assembly.
One of the housing sides has 4 small metal threaded shaped nuts, which key into slots and sit flush with the case. The 4 bolts are inserted from the other side.  
The diff adaptors are made in Serpent Spring Steel SSS, and are machined lighter on both sides.
The whole unit comes at a weight of only 28,9 grams, without oil.
As starting point we suggest to use 7000 cst silicone oil.
The Spyder geardiff can be fitted instead of the balldifferential without any other modification.

The full color manual and exploded view is available online.