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> Top-shaft set 21T stock SRX2 (#500352)

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> Description

500352  Top-shaft set 21T stock SRX2
500353  Top-shaft 21T stock SRX2

Serpent introduce for the Spyder SRX-2 series cars a special  top-shaft set for use in the stock-class.
One as set with adaptor and one just the top-shaft .

Easton:  The entire stock racing spur gear adapter, including nut, is only 9 grams.. I want to say the stock unit with pads,plates, screw, is well over 20grams.. So you can cut that rotating mass in half... Chances are you can go up a gear down the main straight and still have more low end power.. Granted, it will be a little harder on your ball differential, since there is no longer a slipper.. If your using a gear diff, you have nothing to worry about.. If your feeling frisky, or want to deliver a venomous bite to your competition, give them a try.