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> Thrust slipper set SRX4 (#500500)

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Product Type:
Electric Cars > 1/10 offroad
Suitable for:
Spyder SRX4 buggy 4wd 1/10
Spyder SRX4 buggy 4wd 1/10 alu.

Thrust slipper set SRX4

> Description

SRX-4 Thrust Slipper

Definition:  The design intent and execution of the Thrust slipper is to improve the grip level of the car in a variety of conditions. It is best utilized in conditions where rear grip needs to be optimized or more stability is needed under acceleration.  The affect of the thrust slipper, is to reduce rear wheel spin and transfer more power to the front when the load at the rear tires is too great. The thrust slipper performs exactly like a center differential, but is fully adjustable by the slipper spring. By being able to control the slip by the slipper pads,plates and springs, it also makes it more consistent than a center diff filled with oil.

When to use:  Slipper full time 4wd
1) Use mainly where grip levels are high
2) Maximum out of corner acceleration is required
3) Car needs to be more responsive on throttle input

When to use ; Thrust slipper
1)Use in conditions where more rear grip is needed on corner exit
2)Use in conditions from low-med grip
3) When you need the car to feel more neutral and easy to drive

How to adjust: full time 4wd
1) hold rear tires and blurp throttle for 1-1.5 seconds
2) front tires should pop off the ground 1-2 inches and sustain that height briefly

How to adjust: thrust slipper
1) Hold ALL 4 tires and blurp the throttle for 1-1.5 seconds
2) You should hear the clutch slip and then engage 1-1.5 seconds
3) to check settings..You can hold rear wheels and blurp throttle. The front tires should initially leave the ground, but drop immediately after the power is delivered to them.