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> Rollcenter spacer SDX (#500623)

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Product Type:
Electric Cars > 1/10 offroad
Suitable for:
Spyder SDX4 buggy 1/10 4wd
Spyder SDX4 EVO buggy 1/10 4wd EP

Rollcenter spacer SDX 2mm alu coated

> Description

500623  Roll-center spacer alu

Serpent introduce a roll-center spacer for the Spyder SDX4.  

The 2mm coated aluminum spacer fits below the differential and slots/keys into the chassis.  You can also put 2 on top of eachother to create 4mm spacer. The design is made such way that the 2 spacers will also lock in position. Depending on the plates use you may need to also space out the rear stiffener.
Increasing the rollcenter will move the differential higher as well, creating more grip and steering, but less easy to drive.