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> Suspension bracket SRX2 MH rr fr brass (#500643)

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Product Type:
Electric Cars > 1/10 offroad
Suitable for:
Spyder SRX2 Mid Hybrid 1/10 2wd
Spyder SRX2 MH TEAM 1/10 2wd
Spyder SRX2 HT TEAM 1/10 2wd

Suspension bracket SRX2 MH rr fr brass

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> Description

500643   Suspension bracket  SRX2 MH rr fr brass

As optional part for the popular Spyder SRX2 MH cars, we offer this brass suspension bracket.

The brass bracket which mounts in the rear front replaces the aluminum version as used standard in the SRX2 MH kits.  The brass bracket is heavier than the aluminum version.

The extra weight is used for balancing the car to the drivers preference depending which layout he/she is using.

The brass part fits without any modifications.