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Serpent S811 Cobra 1/8 4wd buggy The ultimate competition racing buggy, for high end competition use. Designed by Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, USA. 4wd, 3 small diffs, 4-shoe race clutch, 16mm bigbore shocks, carbon shocktowers/radioplate, shaped alu suspension holders, angled front steering, low design brake, high quality spring steel and very durable anodised alu parts and lots more, see the details in description and image gallery. Superlow center of gravity, superb weight balance front to back and left to right, lightweight car, superstrong. The kit includes car, clear body, rear wing, decal and full color manual. Tyres, wheels and radio-gear are not included. The full package to compete in high end racing, finish finals and win !

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Serpent S811 Cobra

The S811 Race Buggy is a new innovative design based on 15 years of off-road racing experience.
It is a mixture of new and current  concepts to provide a substantially better overall package.  The balance left to right and front to back has also been improved over current designs. In turn provide a larger tuning window without loss in drivability.  With most new competitive buggies being put on a diet, you will not be disappointed, as the S811 comes in at 3300 grams, fully loaded with all the standard items. The philosophy was simple, how can you create a car, which will take an average driver and transform him into a great driver. The end solution was to provide him with a product that will work as one harmonious unit together, all items functioning in unison.

With so many features all wrapped up in one bundle, here are some of the items you can expect to find on the S811 Cobra


Chassis, narrow design

Improves overall ground clearance on sides for minimal chassis dragging. This is an improvement for Jumping and cornering over uneven ground. With less mass out wide the car will pitch less in the corner, but also stay straighter in quick left to right cornering.

Machined chassis 3mm
Light weight chassis helps minimize weight and improve overall vehicle performance.  Countersunk holes. Anodised in titanium color and  laser engraved Cobra logo.

All suspension mounts are keyed into position
This helps to relieve the mount of any side forces from tumbling in a crash. It take the pressure off the screws and transmission case and puts that force on the chassis.

Chassis kick up angle

Most angle in its class, this will provide more clearance for attacking even the most destroyed jump faces. It will insure you can guide your way up the face without scrubbing off any valuable speed.

S811- car, front

Large radius front Bumper

Helps reduce the lawn dart effect on nose down jump landings. Also helps to prevent scrubbing off speed on moguls, and whoop style bumps

S811 - linkages, brace

Composite chassis braces

Allows the chassis to flex which helps improve bump handling. Front and rear.

Adjustable wheel base

5 mm of wheel base adjustment in the rear from 322.5 to 327.5 mm.

Front Steering knuckle assembly

The front roll center can be changed quickly by moving the steering knuckle shims to their appropriate locations.

S811 - st block

Steering-blocks / caster blocks

Durable moulded composite steeringblocks with standard 10 degree caster blocks.

New shock mounting Geometry on A arm.

Helps when locating the shock on the lever arm to re adjust the shock length and angle without changing other unnecessary things.

Inboard Bell crank Steering arm

This is to provide a tighter fit on the body as well as keep the lever and linkage inside the car. It will aid in the prevention of damage to the steering system

Zero scrub radiuses on steering knuckle

This feature helps reduce the jacking effect created by your steering knuckle offset. It provides a more direct feel while keeping the cars chassis more level while turning.

Suspension brackets aluminium fr and rr

CNC machines suspension brackets front and rear. Very strong and durable, yet lightweight design, keeping the pivot-inserts well captured. Anodised and laser-engraved.

Symmetrical inner pivots
Front and rear pivots are in the same plane. This helps keep the care more neutral under cornering.

Eccentrics on suspension mounts

There is a range of different eccentrics you can use to adjust your kick up in the front of the vehicle as well as the anti squat in the rear.

Long steering tie rods

Based on the bell crank design the rod length has been optimized to be as close to the same length as possible to further reduce bump steer.

Captured Servo Saver assembly

Reduces unwanted debris from destroy servo saver faces. Which will prevents any sort of premature servo damage.

S811 - angled steering

Angled Bell cranks

The bell cranks are angled to reduce the angle of difference between the total caster and steering plane. Therefore you will have less bump steer and a truer steering Ackerman through the entire range of suspension


Ackerman plates

With the design of the steering bell cranks when changing the Ackerman you will not need to adjust your steering tie rods. You simply will only need to adjust your end points on your radio..

Roll center adjustment

The front roll center can be changed quickly by moving the steering knuckle shims to their appropriate locations.

S811- rear bracket

Pillow Ball sway bar joints

This is a quick and easy way to adjust the left and right tweak of your sway bar.

Anti-roll bars

Front and rear anti-roll bars made of spring steel wire and size indicated with engraving.

Anti-roll bars are ballraced  for effectiveness and smooth operation.

A variery of optional ones available, also as sets.

Captured ball cups

All camber links, steering links and steering servo links have been trapped. This will help prevent any ball cups from popping off.

Big bore shocks 16mm

Although this has become the industry standard you will enjoy all the benefits of this compacted bigbore  design with large o rings and superb bleeders. The larger o rings provide less overall pressure and a better seal without all the dragging on the shock shaft.
Laser angraved black tops.

Threaded shock bodies
This is for reducing parts in your pit bag. No more clips to loose. It helps adjust in much finer increments.

Oversized 4mm shock shafts
Reducing damage to shock shafts from hard jump landings or impacts.

Shock boots with bump stop
Shock boots have been designed to increase life, seal and utilize rubber as a cushion to prevent damage to suspension components.

Shock spring buckets with debris drain and key locator  The spring buckets at the foot of the shock have drain holes to get dirt, water and debris out of the usable shock zone. The key locator helps to align and lock the spring bucket into position so it stays put during operation.

S811 - shocktower rear

Carbon fiber Shock towers

4.5 mm thick Carbon shock towers improve visual appeal, however also provide lighter weight.

One piece radio tray.

The assembly is unique as is provides on rigid component that can house all of your radio gear. The removal is just as easy with 6 screws total.

Crimping Antenna mount with rubber water proof cap
With water ever being a problem in outdoor nitro racing. This Crimping design not only will hold your antenna in place, but has a rubber cap to prevent water from sneaking in to your radio box.


Splash basin on tank top
This helps reduce fuel all over the chassis in the event of a messy pit stop. The basin collects the splashed fuel and guides it safely out the bottom of the chassis

Self centering Fuel tank seal
The fuel tank seal is angled to self guide its way into the bore of the tank. At the same time will provide a seal on the chamfered and flat edges of the seal, providing consistent engine performance from one pit stop to the next.

Built in tank splash guard
Helps prevent fuel from splashing onto your air filter in the event of an overly excited pit man.

Tank with swiveling nipple and floating clunk.
With the swiveling nipple you are able to adjust the angle at which you want you fuel line to travel. At the same time the floating clunk helps when you go upside down. The clunk by gravity will fall back into the fuel, utilizing the flexibility of the silicone fuel tubing.

Oversized Tank with adjustable volume.
With the insertion of a simple screw and volume reducer you can have ROAR, IFMAR and any other organizations legal tank volume

Sleek low profile air filter

Centralized air filter design to minimize cab width and height.

Flexible rubber boot combined with strong nylon case to support the foam elements.  

Excellent dense foam airfilter elements to keep your engines clean inside.

S811- brake sys-link

Piston Braking system

Provides more stopping power than you could have ever imagined before with a whole lot less servo power. Also is fully adjustable with 3 types of pistons
      O ring type
      Spring type
In turn you can adjust your bias or braking feel to your liking in more ways than ever before.

Fiber Glass disc brakes
Fiber Glass brake disks with oversized front.

Brake plate springs
Will keep the plates spread open to insure not un-wanted dragging of the brake discs.

Throttle and brake lever ball cups

Helps provide consistent pulling on the brake lever or carburetor if you do not have the linkage perfectly aligned.

Lightweight Differentials and center spur.

Mathematically the lightest ever.  By reducing the rotating mass, you can further increase the amount of out of the corner acceleration. In turn your engine breathes easy and consumes less fuel.

Drive ratio 4.3:1

This drive ratio will provide amazing acceleration combined with the low vehicle weight. It is a sure win, to help improve fuel mileage

S811 - brake, central diff

Spur Gear Guard

Helps prevent the spur gear from slinging debris all over the inside of the car and especially into the air filter. Works for rain and water puddles.

Lightweight 3.5mm drive shafts

When overall weight is an issue, why not reduce rotating mass.

Equal lenght front and rear.

Precision machined spring-steel.

Captured and bolted hinge pins

All hinge pins are either captured or bolted in place. This insures your chances to finish an hour long main event, while battling for the lead.

Hinge pin suspension balls

This relieves stress on the hinge pin when adjusting the kick up, or anti squat. Your pin is free to rotate to any angle without binding.

Captured universal joints

The idea here was simple. Guarantees you will finish a race without loosing a pin or set screw. All parts, axles and drive train components have capture pins

Larger 3.5 mm outer rear hinge pins

Better impact resistance in crashes. Provides silky smooth suspension operation and longer pin life.


Rear upright

Durable composite rear uprights.

S811 - mount, mudgards

Mud guards

In moist or wet dirt situations these mud guards reduce and dirt sticking to the rear drive shafts and shocks.

Racing clutch 4 - shoe

Allows you to mix and match shoe materials evenly in pairs. Also provides more surface area contact to insure the engagement.

4 carbon shaped shoes are standard ( alu ones optional).

Coil exhaust wire and alu mount

Helps aid in the front to back movement of the pipe when chassis flex occurs. Helps prevent damage to your exhaust gaskets.

Flanged and serrated wheel nuts

Guarantees that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race

S811 - rear wingmount

Adjustable rear wing mount

The composite rear wing mount, allows to change the angle of the rear wing.

S811- car; rear

Two stage high down force wing

Wing has two levels of angle, which also includes 2 fins. Helps improve down force and straight line capability

Super Low profile Body

Improves appearance as well as keeps the profile low and even front to back.

Oils and grease included

The S811 includes high quality silicone oils for the difs and shocks  and a container of grease.

S811 Cobra decal-sheet

The car-kit comes with a set of S811 Cobra decal sheet, made on very thin material.

Manual, ref-guide and set-up sheet

The S811 comes with a 36 page full color manual, reference list and exploded views for parts reference.

A black and default set-up sheet are included with each kit, and more set-ups will be posted in the serpoent web pages.


The S811 car-kit comes packed in a colorfull  and strong Cobra design carton box / box-top.

The parts are packed in strong nylon bags, following the assemebly steps / bag-numbers as listed in the manual.

S811 - fast


With so many great features there are no doubts that the car will be a performer. In a world of details, the S811 will most likely dazzle you. From the front of the Car to the rear, there are so many things to enjoy. With a background and success of a company like Serpent, you will be very satisfied with the quality and performance of the S811 Cobra.